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  1. Preparing for When the World Wakes Up

    Most industries are experiencing a hiring freeze as a result of isolation orders and social distancing requirements, and although certain essential industries have actually seen an uptick in hiring, many people are left to wonder how they can most effectively spend their time to prepare for the new world that will evolve over the coming months?


  2. Previous Employment Verification and Reference Checks for Today’s Organizations

    Your latest candidate has an amazing resume, is interviewing well, and has a LinkedIn profile with several positive recommendations from previous colleagues. You’re ready to show them to their desk, right now. But how do you know that all of their documents contain genuine information? It’s easier than ever to supply a falsified employment record. In fact, an ethical standards research study conducted by Checkster recently showed that up to 78% of candidates have lied or say they would lie during the hiring process. . Luckily, there are tools to help you spot these forgeries when they come across your desk. Thorough and properly conducted reference checks and previous employment verification can be your secret weapons to making smarter hiring decisions for your company.


  3. Your Candidate Tells a “White Lie” on their Resume. Do You Hire Them—Or Pass?

    Pop quiz! 

    Say you’re the hiring manager or recruiter for an impressive job candidate. But during the recruiting process, you find out that something they said’on their resume or in an interview’stretched the truth. Maybe they boosted their title. Maybe they claimed to write a report’when they merely contributed a single section to it. 

    Do you hire this person? Or do you pass? Is your team doing the same thing?


  4. Tips for Scheduling Interviews with Candidates

    In today’s competitive recruiting environment, candidates are savvy, resourceful and in high demand. A critical step to ensuring you secure the best candidates in the market is to properly schedule interviews with them and do so in a timely manner.


  5. Elon Musk’s Favorite Interview Question

    It’s not too surprising that the Tesla CEO and father of SpaceX might pepper an interview with a brainteaser or two before settling into a more traditional discussion with a potential candidate. Here is one of his favorites: (more…)

  6. Sample Nursing Interview Questions

    Are you in the process of or thinking about hiring more nursing staff? Whether it’s an ICU nurse, ER nurse, OR nurse, or home nurse, there are several interview questions that you need to ask to find the best and most qualified nurses.