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  1. How 4 Companies Use SnapChat to Recruit Millennials

    If your organization has plans to hire a great number of millennials, we’re guessing Snapchat has come up in conversation at least once or twice. The app’s popularity and usage are only rising, as there are now over 100 million daily active users on Snapchat.  And as they always do, recruiters have taken notice and are debating if the platform is right for their hiring efforts.

    Before we jump into some great live Snapchat recruiting examples and strategies, we know that you might not be up to snuff on the basics of the social channel. If that sounds like you, then you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, as even some casual users of the app aren’t exactly sure what they’re doing.  Before reading on, make sure to education yourself on Snapchat with this great guide from TIME.

    How 4 Companies Use SnapChat to Recruit Millennials:

    1. Snapchat Snap-chat-recruit
    We’re kicking off our list of Snapchat recruiting strategies with examples from the experts themselves…Snapchat.

    While Snapchat is based in Los Angeles, they’ve been known to poach talent from mega-startups in the Bay Area.  A few of the companies they’ve targeted recently and in the past are Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest.

    Using their geolocation filter, Snapchat sent out a filter that said “This place driving you mad?” with a graphic that depicts cars driving through a map that is shaped like the Snapchat logo.  This filter could be used by anyone in that geolocation, which at the very least, sparks conversation and potentially recruiting leads.

    See other examples of Snapchat’s sneaky use of their own app to recruit Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest employees.

    2. GrubHub GrubHub-recruit

    GrubHub thought of a fun way to use Snapchat to gain interest in their internship program and lock down a summer intern!

    They used Snapchat Stories to post a six-image slideshow to explain how interns could apply.  They used a shortened google link to share how folks can apply and asked interested students to snap them their best doodle.

    3. AOL 

    AOL was looking for a new way to promote diversity and their company culture while also attracting more millennial women to apply to their open positions. They utilized Snapchat’s Discover section to run one 10-second video that promoted #BuiltbyGirls, a program that invests in women-led startups. The other video gave viewers an inside look at what it’s like to work at AOL. AOL-snapchat-hed-2016

    The week-long campaign increased the application intent by 18 percent and increased their views on posting by 40 percent on Glassdoor.com. Read more about how Snapchat campaigns improved AOL’s brand awareness here. 

    4. JPMorgan

    Taking a page out of Snapchat’s book, JPMorgan created their own geofilters to be used at high school and university events in the UK and US.  The thought behind their strategy is to show students that you don’t have to go down a traditional route to find employment at a bank.  They highlight different roles and jobs that one might not even think of when looking at the banking industry.  Doing this on a platform that millennials trust makes this even more powerful for JPMorgan.

    Those are some of the many examples of companies using Snapchat’s platform to reach millennials.  Before jumping into Snapchat, we suggest carefully planning out a strategy and fully understanding how it all works. As you’re well aware, social media ad’s are costly, but if executed properly it could give your recruitment strategy the extra boost it needs to bring in those top millennials.