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  1. How 6 Organizations Solved Common Recruiting Pain Points

    Welcome to part 1 of a 7 part blog series that is meant to introduce you to WePow’s new eBook, 6 Ways Organizations Use Video Interviewing.

    When we began writing up ideas for our next eBook, we started focusing in on all of the recruiter pain points that we see and hear…and there’s many of them!  While technology like video interviewing has greatly improved the process and eliminated many of the pain points for recruiters, we figured that simply telling you that wouldn’t be enough.   

    For that reason, we’ve matched up the most common recruiting pain points with actual case studies from WePow customers in our brand new eBook.  You’ll find case studies from companies like Lenovo, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tech Data, and more.  

    Some of the recruiter pain points and topics included in the eBook are:

    1. Improving a slow hiring process, specifically the screening stage
    2. Gaining more clarity on how a candidate will perform in real-life scenarios
    3. Weak employer branding won’t attract quality candidates
    4. How to use recruiting technology outside of the hiring process to benefit the company
    5. Reducing the cost of interviewing
    6. University recruiting is too time-consuming and impossible to reach all students

    We hope you’ll hang here for this blog post series and take a look at our new eBook here.