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  1. Early Stage Attrition in Call Centers ” Why Employees Leave Within the First 90 days

    What causes early stage attrition and employee turnover in call centers?

    Depending on the source of the statistics, the average turnover rate for all employees within the first 90 days is 33-percent, but the number can jump to 45-percent for call centers. This is an expensive proposition for employers. Various studies have found the cost to replace an employee can cost the employer approximately 33-percent of the employee’s annual salary. ZipRecruiter says the average call center job pays $18 per hour in the United States, so replacement cost is over $12,000 for a full-time frontline employee.


  2. Invest in Pre-Hire Assessments to Save Money & Improve Company Culture

    Pre-employment Assessments Save Money & Improve Company Culture

    There’s more information about job candidates available in today’s social media world than was available even a decade ago, and many recruiters make use of personal profiles to determine if a candidate is a good fit for a job. This approach isn’t exhaustive, though, and it’s essential to remember that appearances can be deceiving.

    You need better tools in the hiring process

    What if you had access to a call center test simulation or pre-hire talent assessment?

    Assessments such as these can help you determine if a given candidate is the right fit for your job. Known as candidate assessment testing, these pre-hire tests are designed to give recruiting and hiring managers a basic idea of a candidate’s personality and work disposition. Talent testing tailored to your industry can also help you determine if applicants have the knowledge and skills to excel in a given position.


  3. Do You Know Why Your Employees Are Quitting?

    what are the real reasons Employees leave a company?

    Your best employees are leaving your company. During the exit interview, you ask them the reason they are leaving. The answer is inevitably a vague, “for a new opportunity.” Employees on their way out seldom tell the truth, but not out of malice. They simply don’t want to risk creating conflict that could haunt them later on, like a less-than-flattering reference given to a new employer.


  4. 7 Tips for Reducing Call Center Attrition & Turnover Rates

    how to fight attrition and bring down overall turnover rates

    There is no denying that call centers have one of the highest turnover rates of all industries.

    In fact, attrition rates for call centers fall anywhere from 35 to 40 percent, depending on the study. Whether your company’s attrition rates rank at the higher or lower end of this range, it is still cause for concern and it requires immediate attention.

    You don’t have to settle for high attrition rates. These tips can help you develop business practices that can fight attrition and bring down your overall turnover rates.


  5. Why Real-Time Solutions Improve Attrition

    Is your company struggling with high attrition rates and turnover?

    Is your company struggling with high attrition rates? If so, you are not alone. A recent study revealed that 87 percent of today’s employers consider improving attrition rates to be a top priority. This comes as no surprise considering that today’s highly competitive job market — spurred by high unemployment and the emergence of online career sites — has made it harder, and more costly, to both attract and identify top talent.


  6. 3 Tips to Reduce Call Center Attrition and High Turnover

    How to Reduce Call Center Attrition and Turnover

    One factor that can be more debilitating than attrition itself is the misinformation that perpetuates it. Here at FurstPerson, we have found that call center turnover is often attributed to an organization’s inaccurate assumptions about its workforce, internal processes, and general hiring practices.


  7. What is Attrition & Attrition Rate, What Causes Attrition and Cost of Employee Turnover

    What is attrition?

    What is attrition? Attrition is a reduction of staff for voluntary or involuntarily reasons. For large enterprises like contact centers, employee attrition is often viewed as an unavoidable cost of doing business. As a result, they do not calculate the attrition rate, due to the mistaken assumption high staff turnover is inevitable in these settings. With high volumes of customers to deal with in a limited amount of time, contact centers can indeed be challenging environments, and it takes employees with the right set of core competencies to fit the role and be truly successful.


  8. How to Reduce 90 Day Employee Attrition and Turnover for Hourly Workers

    0 to 90 day turnover is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations that hire hourly workers.

    how to reduce 90 day turnover

    Think of frontline service, sales, and support jobs in contact centers, retail, hospitality, field services, and quick service restaurants.

    {{cta(’28f9d1a7-4a17-4e36-84e1-fae184f84094′)}}While there is a range of turnover cost at various companies, FurstPerson has found that many CFOs are comfortable with using a variable cost of $4,500 per term for frontline hourly workers. So, if you have 500 employees, and you calculate an employee turnover rate of 50%, attrition costs your company a whopping $1.1 million per year. Reduce employee turnover, and the savings flow to the bottom line.