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  1. Work-life Balance: How to Have It All & Retain High Quality Employees

    What Factors Are Important for Employee Retention and satisfaction?

    Work-life balance has become essential. Millennials are the largest group in the workplace, and besides salary this is the most important factor for them when considering a job. Millennials may be driving the charge to integrate these two traditionally separate areas of their lives, but that doesn’t mean other generations aren’t getting behind the idea. How can companies incorporate this concept, which is becoming increasingly critical to recruiting and retaining quality employees? (more…)

  2. 5 Ways to Show Remote Workers Appreciation – Rewards and Recognition

    How Managers can modify employee rewards and recognition programs to fit a virtual workplace

    In a traditional office setting, supervisors interact with their teams on a daily basis. Communication is easy, natural and free-flowing.

    However, with remote workers comprising a growing percentage of the workforce, managers need new, inventive ways to establish a similar rapport with their work from home agents through incorporating rewards and recognition remotely. (more…)

  3. Work from Home (WFH), Flexible Scheduling, and 4 Other Remote Agent Trends to Watch

    4 Top Work From Home and Remote Agent Trends to Watch

    Most workplaces have begun to implement a work-from-home program in some capacity. Though there has been some trepidation in the past regarding productivity, engagement, and computer security with Work From Home (WFH) jobs, most companies have found ways to overcome these hurdles, and now a good number of large enterprises have workforces comprised of a mix of both remote and brick-and-mortar agents.


  4. 4 Essential Skills to Look For In a Remote Call Center Supervisor

    critical skills to look for during the hiring of remote contact center supervisors

    There are plenty of challenges that come with the responsibility of managing a remote call center. Agents could be spread out across time zones, communication could be a challenge, technical issues can leave an agent stranded ” and that’s just the beginning of a long list of obstacles. Thus, the importance of finding a supervisor capable of diffusing these challenges is crucial to maintaining productivity, keeping retention numbers high, and improving performance. If you’re looking to hire or promote someone to a supervisory position in a remote call center, here are some critical skills to look out for during the hiring process. (more…)