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  1. What an Interview Won’t Reveal about Retail Candidates

    It’s no secret that attrition rates in the retail industry are significantly higher than those in almost every other industry. It’s a struggle that retailers have been working to overcome for years. With the average cost of hiring now reporting at more than $4,000 per hire, it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to maintain these high turnover rates and still remain profitable.


  2. What Should Retailers Consider When Hiring Seasonal Workers?

    Seasonal employees are a vital component of many retail businesses that struggle to meet temporary upticks in operational demand, if the normal staff is ill-equipped to handle the increased workload.

    Seasonal or temporary hiring, as such, should be approached with a few considerations in mind. First and foremost, let there be no discrepancies about the duration of the employment opportunity being offered. In many cases, short-term employment will be the mutual desire of the candidate and company.