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  1. International Health Care Provider Avoids Spending $1m per Location on Bad Hires

    Assessments improve quality of hire for executive and leadership roles as well as avoiding time and money spent on interviewing and hiring the wrong fit

    Executive Summary
    A leading provider of health care services in the U.S. and U.K. has been using Outmatch assessments since 2012 to identify high-potential leaders who best represent their core value of patient-centered care. Over four years, this provider has saved over $240,000 per year across all locations by identifying poor fit candidates and avoiding their hire.

    Assessments Drive ROI across the Organization
    With more than 250 hospitals and surgery centers, this health care provider employs more than 200,000 people in a health care system that sees more than 26 million patients each year.

    Over the past four years, this health care organization assessed nearly 25,000 candidates per year for cultural fit and alignment with core values. Over that time, this organization identified more than 2 candidates per year in each location that did not fit their requirements – that’s a total savings of approximately $960,000 per location over the four years.

    Hiring Challenges in Health Care
    Like many health care organizations, this company faces two major challenges:

    • Hiring and retaining top talent, especially in high-level, hard-to-replace, or specialized roles
    • Sustaining a strong brand identity in the increasingly competitive health care market

    To address these challenges, they have focused their talent initiatives on leadership—specifically executive leadership, hospital administration, and corporate and HR roles. It is a priority to select leaders who would uphold their core value of high-quality, patient-centered care.

    Selecting the Right Role Models
    Because leadership impacts employee performance at all levels of the health care system, they began using Outmatch assessments for senior executives, and for leaders at each locally managed facility. These assessments were tailored to fit their existing competency models, and helped target candidates who would act as role models and drive success for the organization.

    Improving Leadership Quality
    By screening out over 2,300 candidates who lack key leadership competencies, Outmatch assessments have helped the health care provider greatly reduce the number of candidates eligible for a role, thereby drastically reducing the amount of money spent dealing with poor fits.

    Since implementing Outmatch assessments, this health care provider has also seen improvements in overall leadership performance, as well as improvements in key areas including work ethic, building strategic relationships, driving for results, coaching & developing, customer focus, and teamwork.

    Looking Ahead
    After seeing success in leadership selection, they are now looking to use assessments for call center representatives. By improving customer service and candidate fit at their call center locations, they have the opportunity to provide consistent quality care and support to patients over the phone.