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  1. 5 Contemporary Recruitment and Selection Challenges

    Identify top talent and make better hiring decisions

    The recruiting process is constantly evolving, thanks to improvements in technology and scientific research. This has allowed HR teams to identify top talent in their applicant pools and to make better hiring decisions.



  2. Study: How Does Ethnicity Impact Perception of Cognitive Assessments?

    Any business knows diversity is not just a critical component of global success, but a key driver of innovation. And today, the talent pool is more diverse than it has ever been.

    The current global workforce includes five generations of workers comprised of a wide variety of genders, cultures, sexual orientations, and ethnicities, and businesses need an effective and accurate way to sort through candidates in order to find the talent who will engage with their companies and be best-suited for their roles as well as their organizations.

    Using cognitive ability pre-hire assessments is common practice for businesses throughout the world in finding such candidates. These tests offer valuable insight into each applicant’s abilities and they serve as an accurate predictor of future job performance. (more…)

  3. Link Between an Effective Interviewer and Structured Interviews

    How important is the role of interviewer personality when it comes to the connection between an effective interviewer and the use of structured interviews?

    The interview is the most popular selection procedure in the world, and has been for hundreds of years, but when it comes to assessing a candidate’s core competencies, not all interviews are created equal. 

    Learn how to use an interview to select frontline job candidates.

    While interviews are a subjective tool for employee selection, studies show using structured interviews proves to be a more accurate method of assessing candidates than unstructured interviews. But how does the personality of the interviewer effect his or her willingness to use and adhere to the strict guidelines of a high-structured interview?

    This study aims to give organizations vital information to enhance their use of high-structured interviews.  (more…)

  4. Impression Management in the Interview Process

    How Interviewers Use Impression Management (IM) in the Interview Process

    The interview process is far from a one-way street. To remain competitive in today’s business climate, it is essential for companies to refine their interview process in order to continue attracting and hiring top talent. In the context of a job interview, candidates are sizing up the company (and the interviewers) just as much as interviewers are sizing up candidates and their credentials.


  5. Short & Scholarly: Neuroscience & Personality Assessment Selection

    In the June 2015 issue of the International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Janina Diekmann, Cornelius J. Konig, and Julia Alles presented a study where they aimed to understand how the concept of neuroscience in the marketing of personality testing software would influence a person to continue exploring – and ultimately select – that piece of software. Neuroscience, which plays an important role in a personality assessment’s accuracy, should be a compelling sell point for any personality assessment software, but is that truly the case? (more…)

  6. Short and Scholarly: Socialization, Company Culture, and Onboarding

    In the September 2015 edition of the International Journal of Selection an Assessments, researchers Howard J. Klein, Beth Polin, and Kyra Leigh Sutton examined the effects of onboarding socialization – getting new hires acclimated to company culture through various “new hire” programs and practices – to see what were the most effective types of onboarding to get new hires “up to speed” with the company as quickly as possible. Through an evaluation of 373 new employees across 10 organizations, the study was able to demonstrate what onboarding practices were most effective and how they should be utilized.