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  1. Preparing for When the World Wakes Up

    Most industries are experiencing a hiring freeze as a result of isolation orders and social distancing requirements, and although certain essential industries have actually seen an uptick in hiring, many people are left to wonder how they can most effectively spend their time to prepare for the new world that will evolve over the coming months?


  2. Cost of a Bad Hire for Your Remote Workforce

    The state of the modern workforce has changed. Commuter and in-office culture is rapidly being replaced by a majority remote workforce due to public health threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that hiring needs are being updated, and in turn hiring practices as well. (more…)

  3. 5 Ways Candidate Fraud Can Carve Into Your Bottom Line

    Warren Buffett famously quipped that all employees must embody energy, intelligence, and integrity. And the hands-down most important? For Buffett, it’s integrity‘without which you’ll only wind up with a clever, fast-moving thief.

    We couldn’t agree more. Job applications and interviews tend to focus on other candidate characteristics’without confirming that these will be put to use for the right reasons. But honesty plays a more significant role than most hiring managers might realize. 

    Consider this: for modern businesses, nearly 75% of data breaches are created from within. In 2019 alone, the average data breach cost a company $3.9 million. Failing to evaluate integrity results in significant risk’and can impact your company with tragic and avoidable loss. 


  4. Cargill on Sourcing and Selection

    A 3 min excerpt from an interview of Cheri Hanson, Talent Recruiting Operations Manager at Cargill, a privately held company that employs 142,000 people in 66 countries. 


  5. Social Media Candidate Check Becoming More Formalized

    An interesting report mentioned the behavior that most hiring managers will Google their candidates. They will look for applicant’s questionable statements or behaviors (39%), as well as engagement in professional networks (27%) and political views (19%). Candidates are well aware of this. (more…)

  6. Beyond Biases in new hires selection?

    Recently I asked leaders of large F500 organizations debating how to improve their diversity programs: “What were their practical and actionable recommendations to counter biases?“


  7. The ATS marketplace: Should I change ATS?

    I just read a study looking at the ATS marketplace, the relative market share, and growth rate. In short, Taleo, with an eroding leadership, is still #1. There are more ATS suppliers than ever — the study below monitored a grand total of 109!