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  1. Succession Planning: Prioritize Frontline Manager Development

    How to prepare managers & supervisors to excel in their positions, and how it can impact on the organization

    Executives are coached. Senior leaders are mentored. Middle managers are developed. Often, this is the level where organizational development stops, leaving frontline managers to fend for themselves. It makes little sense to ignore the development needs of frontline managers because they are the “managers of execution.” Strategies are not successfully implemented and goals are not met unless frontline supervisors or managers make it happen. They are the people who are supervising the largest group of employees. They are also often hired or promoted into their roles because they have shown expertise in meeting job responsibilities and not because they have proven leadership qualities.


  2. 5 Ways to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Succession Strategy

    Is Your Succession Management Program Working?

    It would make little sense for an organization to develop a succession management program without a defined plan for evaluating its effectiveness. But how can organizations evaluate their succession management program?



  3. 7 Steps for Creating a Succession Management Model

    How to Create a Succession Planning Model

    When created properly and with intentionality, succession management programs enable organizations to create a secure, sustainable plan for the future. Building such a plan includes seven critical steps.