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  1. How to Transform Company’s Talent IQ: Future of Talent Intelligence

    The Future of Talent Assessment – From Gamification in Recruiting to Job Simulations

    The talent selection process is constantly evolving to meet the demands of changing job markets and new innovations.

    From gamification to mobile-based assessments, the technology involved in talent acquisition is, in many cases, emerging faster than the supportive research. Here’s a look at what lies ahead in the world of talent assessment. (more…)

  2. How to Align Pre-Employment Assessments with Job Requirements

    How to align your pre-employment assessments with job requirements to find the most qualified applicants

    Defining a job is the first step to building a hiring strategy that allows your business to consistently find, hire, and keep top talent.

    Once you’ve defined the job and connected it to important business outcomes, the next step is to implement customized pre-employment assessments that pinpoint the core competencies necessary for success in your candidates. (more…)

  3. 3 Challenges of Implementing Assessments in Small Business Hiring

    Common Assessment Implementation Challenges for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

    Employees are the lifeblood of an organization. However, when it comes to small business hiring, the impact of one employee ” whether positive or negative ” resonates with the entire organization, including co-workers, managers, and owners.


  4. Finding the “It” Factor in Your Candidates with Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics in Hiring Make Faster and More Appropriate Hires

    Walk into most contact centers, and you’ll find cubicle after identical cubicle, filled with agents who have access to the same systems, are offered the same incentives, and are required to produce the same results.

    While no company wants its employees to act like robots, most organizations expect the same high productivity from everyone. Yet, many contact center managers find that there is a wide spectrum in the performance and enthusiasm of their agents. (more…)

  5. How do I Hire Job Candidates That Will Behave Like My Top Performers?

    How Top Performing Job Candidates

    Recently I spoke at a British Columbia Contact Centre Association Learning Event. During the discussion, one of the attendees asked “how do you hire a candidate that will behave like other top performers in the contact center.”  In this person’s organization, the selection process relies only on interviews.

    To measure potential behavior in a job candidate, we need to be able to measure his or her work-related attitudes, interests, and motivations. Typically, you will measure the candidate during the pre-employment hiring process. While a well-designed, structured behavioral interview can help you evaluate work-related attitudes, interests, and motivations, the use of a personality assessment will provide a better measurement of motivational and personality-job fit.


  6. 7 Tips for Optimizing Pre-Hire Assessments

    Pre-hire Assessments Tools Are Used to Evaluate Potential Hires with Uniformity and Improve Quality of Hire

    If you work in the human resources space, you understand just how important it is for your organization to bring in top-quality talent. You’ve also probably discovered just how difficult it is to build a great team of employees who can connect with your customers and provide them with a smooth and seamless service experience, especially when it comes to your frontline staff.