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  1. How Do Unemployment Benefits Impact Early Stage Attrition?

    Do Unemployment Benefits Impact Early Stages of Attrition?

    Last week we presented at the Contact Center Optimization Forum in Las Vegas. During the Townhall session, where attendees share questions with each other, one of the participants noted that her early stage contact center attrition had increased by ten times over the normal rate with the latest round of hiring.


  2. Myth or Fact? Applicants think pre-hire tests takes longer

    Does the length of pre-hire tests have a negative impact?

    Hiring is simple, but the process is complex. 

    Here at FurstPerson, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best hiring decisions possible, and that means setting the record straight about some common mistaken beliefs we regularly see in the hiring process.

    Today, we’ll be sharing some information from our top-rated Myth or Fact session from the Customer Contact West event as part of our Myth or Fact series. (more…)

  3. What Should Retailers Consider When Hiring Seasonal Workers?

    Seasonal employees are a vital component of many retail businesses that struggle to meet temporary upticks in operational demand, if the normal staff is ill-equipped to handle the increased workload.

    Seasonal or temporary hiring, as such, should be approached with a few considerations in mind. First and foremost, let there be no discrepancies about the duration of the employment opportunity being offered. In many cases, short-term employment will be the mutual desire of the candidate and company.


  4. Driving Customer Satisfaction at Contact Centers [Podcast]


    In this FurstPerson podcast, Mark Miller, Senior Director – Contact Center Practice at J.D. Power and Associates, discusses the firm’s research on customer satisfaction, key drivers to achieving customer satisfaction, and the impact of hiring into the contact center.


  5. NACC News Note features FurstPerson CC Audition Talk & Note

    NACC Last month, FurstPerson introduced CC Audition Talk & Note, a pre-hire assessment tool that uses speech recognition technology to create a highly realistic contact simulation environment. Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research has released a National Association of Call Centers News Note report featuring FurstPerson and how the CC Audition simulation uses technology to reduce agent turnover and attrition.

    Read the entire NACC News Note.

  6. Use the Recession to Lower Turnover Costs

    Reduce Costs

    While the US recession is causing many challenging problems, it is also driving more job candidates to knock on HR doors at call centers. This rare increase in job candidates, compared to historically low unemployment, creates an opportunity for call center organizations to reduce their long-term attrition by moving quickly in the short-term.


  7. Absenteeism: Now You See Them. Now You Don’t.

    Absenteeism is one of the biggest challenges facing contact centers. It is also one of the most perplexing to solve. The cost is significant and probably haunts all Workforce Managers into the wee hours of the night.