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  1. Pre-Hire Assessments: Does Personality Testing Work?

    What is the Value of using a Personality Test in the Hiring Process?

    Recently, several articles and industry people have questioned the value of personality testing. As an example, an article in Workforce Management claims the five Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologists state that personality testing is overrated and does not provide value to pre-hire candidate evaluation.


  2. The Most Effective Tools for Hiring Contact Center Agents

    The Most Effective Tools for Hiring Contact Center Agents

    ContactBabel, a leading analyst firm covering the call center industry that is based in the UK, recently released their 2011 US Contact Center Decision Makers’ Guide (2011 Guide). FurstPerson provided sponsorship of the report.


  3. Quality of Hire and Recruiting Speed in Hiring ” How do you have both?

    Can you have both quality of hire and recruiting speed in the hiring process?

    Recruiting speed and hiring for quality are two of the biggest challenges facing firms that employ contact center agents. By quality of hire, we mean the organizational standard that defines satisfactory job performance. By recruiting speed, we mean how fast the hiring process can move a candidate from point of contact to an accepted job offer.


  4. Benefits of Talent Analytics & How to Start Using Data Analytics – A Catch 22

    why companies should start to use talent analytics and data analytics

    It’s no secret that data analytics can have a revolutionary impact on talent acquisition processes. Being able to use qualitative data to make hiring decisions, find areas of improvement, and enhance the hiring process is game-changing ” akin to using the internet to find information rather than relying on outdated methods. (more…)

  5. 5 Hiring Tips for Small Businesses to Hire the Right Employee

    Develop Your Small Business’s Growth Strategy with these Hiring Tips

    Developing a growth strategy for a small to medium sized business is a complex, and often time-consuming process. With so much information to evaluate, it’s easy to understand why many business leaders don’t spend enough time considering their hiring processes.


  6. Small Business Hiring? How to Pick the Right Talent Candidate using the Right Assessment

    With Smaller Businesses, it is Important to Ensure Every Employee Fits with your Company Culture and Will Make a Positive Impact

    When it comes to hiring, small businesses have a thinner margin of error than their larger counterparts. The smaller the company, the more you need to ensure every employee gels with your culture and makes a positive impact on the organization.

    The good news is reliably predictive pre-hire assessments provide these businesses with more valuable data about both their job candidates and their incumbents than a simple performance review, resume or job application can.


  7. How Do Unemployment Benefits Impact Early Stage Attrition?

    Do Unemployment Benefits Impact Early Stages of Attrition?

    Last week we presented at the Contact Center Optimization Forum in Las Vegas. During the Townhall session, where attendees share questions with each other, one of the participants noted that her early stage contact center attrition had increased by ten times over the normal rate with the latest round of hiring.


  8. Are Mathematical Models or Recruiters Better at Selecting Candidates?

    Where to place pre-employment assessments in the hiring process

    Recently we had a discussion with an organization about where to place pre-employment assessments in the hiring process.  Some recruiters felt that the assessments should be at the end of the process after the candidate had been reviewed and interviewed by a recruiter.  Other recruiters felt that the assessments should be at the beginning of the process.  They are objective, calibrated against performance, and always available given online access.  In our experience, letting pre-employment assessments handle the “heavy lifting” to filter candidates at the beginning of the process has more value and better predictive results.

    An interesting article in the Harvard Business Review confirms this approach based on an analysis of 17 studies of applicant evaluations. In the May 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Nathan Kuncel, David Klieger, and Deniz S.Ones discuss their analysis and the results which show that an algorithm, or equation, outperforms human only decisions by at least 25% when it comes to candidate selection.