If you’re like the most of the HR organizations we heard from in a recent survey, then you and your team have already embraced HR tech. Nearly 75% of companies use an applicant tracking system today, and savvy HR organizations know that the improvements they’ve seen in hiring efficiency are just a preview of what’s possible. The ATS has become our industry’s gateway technology, and HR execs are hungry for more.

Last year we began to see more companies move away from big “all inclusive” HR platforms, which don’t allow for much flexibility or customization, and opt instead to build a best-of-breed solution that better suits their needs. But there’s still one big concern keeping many HR execs from making the leap. They’re worried that combining multiple HR systems will disrupt their current workflows or create new problems like data silos.

Do you have the same concern? Check out this infographic to see how you can take advantage of technology AND achieve a truly seamless recruitment process.