What Are Current Hiring Trends in the Contact Center Industry?

What are some trends emerging in hiring front line representatives for the call center / contact center industry?FurstPerson joined a panel discussing contact center industry trends at Frost and Sullivan’s Call Center East in April. We wanted to share some thoughts we discussed during the panel.

What are some trends emerging in hiring front line representatives for the contact center industry?

Predictive hiring models are improving hiring results

Building on the performance optimization movement (firms like Witness and Merced), predictive hiring models are enabling contact center organizations to reduce turnover and improve new hire performance. The ability to link job candidate testing data to new hire tenure and performance is allowing firms to become more effective and efficient in their hiring practices. In their local labor markets, these firms will be able to identify the better performing job candidate ahead of their competition.

Technology is improving the overall candidate experience

Technology is enabling the hiring organization to improve the overall job candidate experience and to better measure the job candidate’s abilities. For example, the use of realistic job simulations improves the candidate’s experience because it is face valid and allows the hiring organization to measure competencies like multi-tasking. Companies embracing best practices are using technology to improve their employment branding experience.