furstperson_blogWelcome to our blog. We’re hopeful that you’ll find interesting content and ideas that you can use in your business. Our intent is to share content ” ideas, research, opinions, and observations ” with you. In the recruiting world, we’re late to the blog game. In the call center world, we’re a little early. Since call centers pay our bills, I guess we’re in a good position.

Our company’s focus is helping customer contact organizations find, hire, and keep better employees. We do that in two ways. First, we build tools (web based assessment tests and hiring systems) that our clients use to make a more predictive hiring decision. The goal here is to increase the odds of making a better hiring decision. Second, we provide recruitment process outsourcing solutions to customer contact organizations. We manage the hiring process from start to finish.

We collect a lot of data on job candidates, new hires, and how those new hires perform in training and in production. We look forward to sharing our research on hiring successful job candidates, recruiting tactics, and performance management based on this data.