While racial injustice and systemic racism are not new, the harsh reality of the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and, most recently, Rayshard Brooks have made us realize we must do a better job of driving real change. At Outmatch, our mission is Matching People with Purpose. If we are serious about this mission, we know we can no longer sit on the sidelines. We asked ourselves, “what can Outmatch do uniquely well to support our communities?” Of our many ideas, we have begun the formation of the Outmatch Foundation. Still in the early stages, the Outmatch Foundation’s goal is to make an impact on righting these injustices through volunteerism, through education, and through financial support.

We are excited about the Outmatch Foundation, however, in listening to our team we realized in order to make the greatest change, we must look within our own organization and think about where we can improve ourselves.

We believe Outmatch is an inclusive workplace where team members feel they belong. Outmatch is comprised equally of men and women, and 41% of our technology team is female. But we know this is not enough. We have decided to make additional commitments to our team, to our shareholders, and to our customers. The fulfillment of these commitments will make Outmatch an even better organization:

  • We commit to ensuring that all our open roles have diverse candidate slates – which means a commitment to stepping outside our traditional sourcing strategies
  • We commit to not requiring educational degrees unless required enabling broader opportunities for candidates
  • We remain committed to using the Outmatch platform, as our data shows that by using our platform we take out some of our unconscious biases resulting in diverse candidates going further in the hiring process. We will then need to check that bias does not creep into our decisions, in order to meet our ultimate goal of more diverse hires and more diversity at Outmatch
  • We commit to forming a talent council who will provide input and share perspective on all Outmatch talent practices to ensure they support both the many and the few
  • We commit to making the time to listen and learn from our team, customers, partners, and others in our communities who can educate us

We commit to forming the Outmatch Foundation with a mission of connecting people with purpose. Our efforts will focus on helping those most impacted in the job market by unconscious and conscious bias.

We know the problem will not go away unless we act, and while these efforts alone will not change the world, we hope to make it better.


Greg Moran, President & CEO
Robin Stenzel, Chief Solutions Officer