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Bracket Busted?

Did you think some of your selections were a sure thing? Maybe you selected prestigious schools and overlooked the underdogs. Now your bracket is busted and you’re left betting on a select few in order to win your bracket challenge.

The same thing happens when companies select new talent. Companies narrow down the candidate pool and eventually select the person they think is best for the position. At OutMatch, we insert data into the selection process to ensure that top contenders aren’t overrated and sleepers aren’t overlooked.

Matching the right people with the right roles is the best way to keep your employee talent bracket from getting busted. Watch as we narrow down the job success bracket to reveal the top competencies that win the day for corporate, retail, and restaurant leadership. To dig even deeper, also check out Competency Spotlight eBooks.

Top Competencies for Corporate Managers


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Top Competencies for Restaurant Managers


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Top Competencies for Retail Managers


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