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Chicago Style Restaurant Chain

Chicago Style Restaurant Chain

Background: Founded in 1963, this company has grown from a single hot dog stand to a successful restaurant chain with more than 5,000 employees across six states. They serve Chicago-style hot dogs and other homemade classics that keep customers coming back for more.

Challenge: Without a formal process for selecting managers, decision makers in this company were basing their hiring and promotion decisions on relationships. They were seeing a pattern of failure among newly-promoted managers and knew it was time for a change. They needed a way to define success at different management levels, and then measure candidates’ potential against those critical competencies for the role.

Solution: The company chose OutMatch because of our deep industry experience, and because our restaurant assessments are designed to target the very best candidates for different roles and management levels, including assistant manager, kitchen manager, general manager, and more. The VP of Human Resources was also excited about our ability to tailor the assessment to their unique culture.

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