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Competency-based Talent Management: Creating A Unique Talent Brand

Your employees are important. They bring your company to life by translating their skills into meaningful actions that align with your company’s goals and overall mission. When you hire people, you want to make sure they have all of the skills to succeed in their role and embody what your company stands for. Creating a unique talent brand means learning what to look for in the people you hire by knowing what makes your current employees successful.

Translating your company’s brand into the people you hire is possible through competency modeling. This is a practice that takes the skills and behaviors that make people successful in a role, and compares those who are interested in the job against those competencies to see if they are a great fit.

This exercise not only helps with finding people who thrive in a role, but can also be tailored specifically to your company’s brand to really find people who represent your organization in an outstanding way.

For further information about the role of competency modeling in improving your organization’s branding, download Competency-based Talent Management: Creating a Unique Talent Brand. You’ll learn about the benefits, practicality, and multiple uses for competency models as well as our professionals’ tips and best practices for integrating them into your selection and development processes.

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