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Culture and core values are defining features for a company. It’s what sets your business apart from the competition. Clearly defining your organization’s beliefs and integrating them into the hiring process will attract employees whose personal values align with the firm’s. This may also naturally screen out candidates, discouraging those who do not have similar values from applying.

Hiring the wrong person can cost your company thousands of dollars and often employees leave because they don’t fit in with the company culture.  So, it only makes sense to seek out prospective employees who believe in the product, vision, and values – they’ll be intrinsically more motivated to work at full capacity towards achieving the company’s objectives.

In order to hire for good fit in culture and core values, you have to define those values in terms of behavior and then gear screening tools or interview questions to cover those behaviors. Since past behaviors are good predictors, it’s important to really dig into these behaviors during the hiring process. For example, if teamwork is part of the culture, you could ask for an example of a time the candidate worked on a team or have them describe a situation during which they disagreed with someone they work with. Another approach to hiring a successful employee is to have an existing employee provide a profile about their position and responsibilities. This will allow candidates to better judge their suitability with your organization.

Using tools such as Chequed Fit™ will help a company take the guess work out of candidate selection by providing hiring managers with objective, consistent and predictive information about their candidates.  By analyzing competencies and personality traits, you can better select someone who will match the core values and performance expectations, as well as fit within the company culture, to better ensure their presence and effectiveness for the long haul.

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