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Exclusive Retailer of Fitness and Athletic Apparel

Exclusive Retailer Of Fitness And Athletic Apparel

Background: This retailer operates close to 200 corporate and franchise stores across the U.S. Their mission is to bring local fitness and running communities together through passionate and expertly-trained staff, and they’re dedicated to providing a top-notch customer experiences.

Challenge: The company is focused on growth, especially through new franchise openings and store conversions. During this growth period, they want to make sure they maintain quality staff that fits their culture and brand.

Solution: Workpop, the company’s ATS provider, referred them to OutMatch because of our seamless ATS integration. Using OutMatch Assessment, the company will quickly identify and shortlist top candidates as they hire and grow their business. OutMatch will also provide success modeling to identify the key behaviors and success factors that are critical for all employees across this company. The company plans to roll out to corporate locations and expand to franchises in the near future.

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