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Florida Based Home Services Provider

Florida Based Home Services Provider

Background: This company provides home warranty, repair, and maintenance services to homeowners, real estate customers, and mortgage/insurance partners nationwide. They also have a live customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Problem: Without an assessment solution in place, hiring processes were manual, time consuming, and didn’t help recruiters identify high potential or service-oriented candidates within their applicant pool. The company was looking to boost performance and needed a solution to improve quality of hire, specifically in sales and customer service roles in their call center.

Solution: The company’s ATS provider referred them to OutMatch, and after seeing our technology, the Talent Acquisition team was impressed by our assessment capabilities. They chose OutMatch because our assessments are easy for candidates to take, and they screen for key customer service traits that predict success in a call center environment, even among candidates who have no prior experience. The team is also looking forward to gaining efficiency through an integration with their ATS.

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