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Automated Reference Checking

Sign up for a 14-day free trial to transform reference checking into a meaningful, data-driven process that saves time and improves hiring.

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Make it faster

Complete in as little as 24 hours – a 98% time savings over traditional reference checking.

Make it easier

Free recruiters from the endless calls and emails with a fully automated, easily scalable process.

Make it predictive

Do more than verify employment. Get meaningful data on candidates’ job potential.

Make great hires

Using past performance to predict future success is the best way to make great hires.

Frequently asked questions

What are automated reference checking best practices?

Get tips from clients, or download the Recruiter’s Talent Acquisition and Reference Checking Handbook.

Is the 14-day trial really free?

Yes, no credit card is required, and you’ll get a fully functional account.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

You can continue with full access to your account by upgrading to an annual license. An OutMatch talent expert will reach out to discuss options.

More reasons to use automated reference checking

Choose from over 800 out-of-the-box job profiles

Use vetted, behavior-based questions, plus custom questions

Showcase your brand in the reference and candidate experience.

Build a passive talent pipeline with real-time sourcing

Slide An overview of your candidate’s competency scores tied to the success of this position. Slide Looking for custom information? You can write your own questions. Watch Video Slide Know immediately if the reference would rehire the candidate. Watch Video Slide Easy to understand summary of the candidate’s fit with no interpretation necessary. Watch Video Slide Quickly screen for bogus references. Watch Video Slide Optional employment verification included in every report. Watch Video Slide Make your interview more effective with job relevant questions. Watch Video