What is FurstPerson


Depending on the source of the statistics, the average turnover rate for call center employees within the first 90 days is 30-45%. This is an expensive burden proposition for employers, who need to make sure new hires have the necessary skills and personality to thrive in the call center environment.

FurstPerson simulations give a real-time look at candidate performance before making you make the final hiring decision. ThisSimulations allows you to help predict job performance and job satisfaction while providing a great candidate experience.

FurstPerson: How it Works

Create a fun, interactive, multi-media process that empowers candidates to showcase job-relevant skills and capabilities.

Integrated training

Introduce relevant work patterns to candidates to set them up for success.

Realistic interactions

Job-accurate interfaces match the systems that are used on the job.

Deep scoring

Takes into account all actions candidates do and do not take.

Multiple roles

Simulations are tailored to voice agent, chat agent, technical support, and inbound sales roles.

Talent Assessment and Testing and Methodology

Outmatch is leveraging FurstPerson to improve hiring outcomes through pre-hire simulations

Simulation for voice agents

How Talent Assessments can Improve your Hiring Experience

  • Predict future job performance Pre-hire simulations can be a strong predictor of future job performance. These assessments allow employers to see first-hand how prospective candidates react to certain situations. A simulation has the power to assess the candidates’ data entry skills, data entry accuracy abilities, multitasking capabilities, and computer navigational skills simultaneously. This assessment will give you a full view of the candidate’s overall skill level in these specific areas.

  • Determine job fit Today’s candidates don’t just want a job – they want the right job. One oversight to the candidate experience is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization. A simulation can help employers overcome this obstacle by giving candidates a realistic glimpse of what it’s like to work for the company.

  • Make Data-driven hiring decisions Have you ever hired a candidate based on a great interview, only to find out later that his/her on-the-job performance didn’t match expectations? If so, simulations can help you avoid this problem. Simulation tests can assess a candidate’s multitasking, decision-making, data entry accuracy, and computer skills and provide you with data-driven results before you make your final hiring decision.

Talent Assessments are part of Outmatch’s Hiring Experience Stack

Outmatch Reference

Improve the experience for references, candidates and recruiters — with better data and better results.


Outmatch Assess

Create rich, engaging hiring assessments to get the data you need without compromising the candidate experience.


Outmatch Interview

Eliminate the phone screen black hole and humanize the hiring experience by letting candidates tell their story


Create a candidate-driven process

Reimagine your hiring experience with Outmatch and unlock value for all candidates while optimizing the process for your organization and recruiters.

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