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How gamification in hiring makes the process more engaging for applicants and leaves employers with less of a gamble

When done right, hiring a new employee is like winning the lottery. Not much effort goes into it, yet you receive an extremely valuable reward. Unfortunately, the chances of you winning the lottery are pretty slim. And, if you’re not taking the correct steps during your recruitment and hiring processes, the chances of finding a suitable employee will also be just as unlikely. However, by leveraging the right set of complimentary solutions, hiring can be dramatically improved.

Like gamblers using remote controlled roulette balls, hidden card-spying cameras or compromised dice, employers are also now hoping to get a bit luckier with the use of technology and the introduction of gamification to the hiring process. Defined as the concept of employing game mechanics to non-game activities such as recruitment and training, gamification in hiring aims to increase engagement and productivity levels among employees.

By gamifying the hiring process, employers allow for more visibility into the roles and functions within the workplace. It also serves as a system of rewards and recognition since applicants that must play a game to apply for a position will become more competitive and feel more accomplished from good performance. Ultimately, applicants can be tested on many behaviors in a shorter amount of time and with less chance for overcompensation of skills. When combined with the insights gained from automated assessments like those in Predictive Talent Selection Suite™, hiring managers dramatically improve their understanding of individual candidate potential.

Just as ten minutes worth of sitting at a slot machine will earn the casino a pretty penny, it’s said that as little as ten minutes of applicant play can yield enough data to give employers an accurate prediction of future performance. So, why gamble with your business? When it comes to hiring or training new employees, consider utilizing gamification concepts in addition to automated assessments to see if your applicants can play the cards right. Perhaps, literally.

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