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Data-driven decisions drive better talent selection at recruitment outsourcer Mindfield

“The difference between good companies and great companies is having employees that are switched on, engaged and aligned with the culture and aligned with the values – those are the companies that can go on major hyper-growth. If you have really poor people working with your customers every day, it doesn’t matter how good the strategy is.”

That’s the view of Cameron Laker, chief executive of Canadian recruitment process outsourcing firm, Mindfield, which specializes in industries with high-volume recruitment and talent selection needs, such as retail outlets and restaurants.

Mindfield is using cloud-based predictive technology from OutMatch to help its customers pinpoint those workers that match their core values and will help their companies grow.

While the company had already been using a base-level behavioral assessment tool to filter candidates, it lacked the full, end-to-end analytics the company was looking for.

“Through OutMatch we’ve got a library of 900 profiles and we configure and calibrate a certain job type or title to one of the validated profiles in the library. That enables us to get right out-of-the-box a really accurate assessment tool that’s not just looking for generic behaviors, but is looking for behaviors that are proven to be associated with performance in that job.”

Laker’s vision for the future is to be able to use the OutMatch platform to provide insights into customers’ workforce, looking at the quality of hire and engagement of those hires and how those people progress in the business.

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