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Grinches And Whos: How HR Practices Impact Organizational Culture
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As an HR leader, you’re not out there on the front lines boosting morale or infusing company culture into the workplace. Not directly, at least. But you play a huge role in shaping a harmonious (or hostile) workforce.

Here’s an example: Let’s say Suess & Co. has a reputation for poor customer service. They’re known for hiring Grinches. Now, unless that’s an intentional hiring strategy, these Grinches will sully the Suess & Co. name, and create negative associations with everything the company sells.

Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot…
But the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, did NOT!

Grinches aren’t good for business, especially during the holiday season. And while Suess & Co. may claim they’re a Who-company, and profess Who-values, this vision won’t match reality until they change their Culture DNA.

So how does Suess & Co. shift their customer service from folly to jolly? It’s starts at the top. Suess & Co. executives will set a goal for improving customer satisfaction, then it’s HR’s job to put that goal into action. Performance evaluations and benchmarking reveal a few Whos at Suess & Co. that generate exceptional customer service reviews. A job analysis then identifies the job-specific traits and competencies unique to these top-performing Whos.

Knowing what makes a Who successful at Suess & Co. empowers HR to build a Who hiring profile and bolster Who culture across the workforce. By screening out Grinches and hiring more Whos, Suess & Co. will see a positive shift in culture that has a direct impact on customer service ratings and net promoter scores—just in time for the holidays!

Interested in hiring fewer Grinches and more top-performing Whos? Whether you’re undergoing a culture shift, or you’re looking to more closely align your recruitment and hiring efforts to your existing culture, we can help.

See how we’ve helped American Airlines create a hospitality culture, or schedule your demo today.

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