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GroupM Saves over 15,000 Hours in their Hiring Process

GroupM Saves Over 15,000 Hours In Their Hiring Process

Automated Reference Checking Improves Time to Hire by Delivering Results 5X Faster

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About GroupM

GroupM is a global media investment company that serves as a parent company to media agencies including Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom, and Maxus. With over 400 offices in 81 countries, GroupM’s purpose is to maximize the performance of its media agencies through trading, content creation, sports marketing, finance, and other activities.

“With automated reference checking, we get profound and real feedback about a person. We also get this information faster than ever before.”

-Head of Talent Acquisition at GroupM

ROI Summary

GroupM replaced traditional reference checking with automated reference checking in 2013 to improve efficiency and quality of hire.

Reduced Time to Hire

  • Previous completion rate: 84% in 15 days
  • Current completion rate: 84% in 3 days
  • Reduced time-to-hire by 12 days

Saved Recruiter Hours

  • Hours saved per candidate: 3.8
  • Number of candidates to date: 4,000
  • Total hours saved: 15,200

Improved Quality of Hire

  • Candidates with low reference check scores
    (removed from consideration): 610
  • Candidates with high reference check scores
    (fast-tracked): 1,120

The Challenge of Traditional Reference Checking

Before implementing automated reference checking, GroupM’s process caused three major challenges:

  • Time consuming. Waiting up to three weeks for references to respond caused unnecessary delays in the hiring process.
  • Inconsistent. Without a unified process, there was no way to ensure that references answered the same questions, and no way to objectively compare candidates.
  • Lacked visibility. Without an automated system, the team couldn’t check on the status of candidates or reference checks in real time.

“The reference checking and sourcing tools are very easy to use, and have given hiring managers across the globe the ‘WOW’ factor.”

-GroupM Head of Talent Acquisition at GroupM


  • Each candidate invites 4-5 references
  • References can complete in under 2 min.
  • 98% of reference complete within 24 hours


  • Time to hire reduced by 12 days
  • 15,200 total recruiter hours saved
  • 610 potential bad hires avoided

Automating the Reference Checking Process

GroupM chose OutMatch reference checking because it’s entirely automated and eliminates the need for phone or email based reference checking. The user experience is simple and engaging, and reference checks take about two minutes to complete. Answers can be kept anonymous, which encourages references to provide honest feedback. Recruiters and hiring managers can view all the results in real time and prioritize candidates by how well they scored on the reference check.

low scores

mid scores

high scores

An example of the scoring guide used by GroupM to classify candidates. This at-a-glance look helps determine who to fast-track and who to remove from consideration.

Saving Time & Improving Quality of Hire

By automating the reference checking process, GroupM has saved over 15,000 hours in recruiting time to date. This time savings becomes even more impactful as GroupM recruits more candidates each year. GroupM now has a unified process where candidates are ranked according to consistent and predictive criteria. GroupM is able to fast-track the hiring process for high scoring candidates and remove low scoring candidates, which results in better hires and a more efficient process.

About OutMatch

OutMatch delivers the data that’s been missing from your hiring process. With clear, measurable insight into candidates and new hires, your managers will make better hiring decisions, and your HR organization will finally be able to measure the impact of hiring on your company.

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