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He Stayed For The Guacamole
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Assess Systems is good at helping you hire good people. I mean really good. But once you’ve got them signed on as a new employee, it’s up to you to make sure your company is so great that they stick with it.

Now, everyone knows that money is a huge motivator (I mean why do people have jobs in the first place?). And while that may be one of the main reasons your best hires are sticking around, we thought there might be more to the story.

We asked 751 restaurant employees an open-ended question about what motivated them to stay at their job, and (surprise, surprise!) 16% of them said they stayed because they like having money.

But, here’s the kicker, a whopping 31% said they stayed because of the people they work with. That’s almost double!

Whether it was their boss, their coworkers, or their guests, these employees said that they love the people they work with and some even consider them family. Here are some of the other reasons they stay:

People are the number one reason why employees stay at their jobs followed by money and company values.

For the record, 4 of those Others said they stayed because of the guacamole. That’s a lot.

Employee retention may be as easy as serving up some quality guacamole.

So aside from having incredible guacamole, what can you do to hold on to your employees? It’s simple – put effort into building relationships with them. As long as they know you care about them, they’re in it for the long haul.

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