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You’re applying for a job and your potential employer asks you to respond to 90 statements like this one:

“I get really angry at co-workers or customers who are annoying.”

Your choices range from “strongly agree,” to “strongly disagree.”

Do you:

a) Go with your initial impulse and “agree”?
b) Play it safer and “agree slightly”?
c) “Strongly disagree,” assuming that’s the answer the prospective employer wants to hear?

Such is the dilemma you are likely to face (if you haven’t already) as a job applicant today. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use online psychological assessments, ostensibly to determine if your personality is a potentially good fit for a particular job and their corporate culture. They have become a hurdle nearly as ubiquitous as the SAT. Dallas-based OutMatch provides more than 10 million pre-employment assessments annually — a 51 percent increase over the previous year — for companies from the 99 Restaurants to Raytheon. Their assessments are designed to be completed by candidates for every job, from mailroom clerk to CEO.

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