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Summer usually sends restaurant brands into a hiring frenzy, and if we see a repeat of last year’s numbers, they’re about to hire more than 500,000 people for the season.

“The economy is good and gas prices are down, which means restaurants are in for a strong season,” said Greg Moran, CEO of OutMatch, a company that uses predictive technology to help companies vet potential employees.

Simply having enough warm bodies won’t cut it, however. Restaurants must employ the “right” people, said Moran, who believes that since the two biggest KPIs in restaurants are guest experience and sales, managers need to consider guest focus and sales ability. Guest focus, according to the OutMatch, measures a person’s desire to please customers, while sales ability is a person’s ability to persuade others to buy a product or service. In order to find employees who excel in both areas, Moran said there were 10 personality traits that restaurateurs should look for as they staff the front- and back-of-house.

Read the full article by Cherryh Cansler in Fast Casual Magazine.

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