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Research from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 96 percent of human resources professionals check references, yet less than 25 percent of those checks are able to produce adequate information beyond employment verification. In addition, think about the time spent playing phone tag with potential references. With the traditional phone call method of checking references, more often than not, past employers are slow to return calls. And who can blame them?

With all the tasks busy professionals need to juggle these days, responding to inquiries about a past employee is a courtesy, not necessarily a priority. So, it’s only natural that these calls get pushed to the back burner.

With an automated reference checking system, hiring managers and references come out ahead. How? Think about it. On average, a reference check phone call takes at least 10-15 minutes. And that does not count the time trying to connect in the first place. This is time spent by both the hiring manager and the reference. With automated reference checking, the references reduce their time to about two to three minutes to fill in their responses and the hiring manager is taken out of the loop altogether. So, you have not only cut the reference’s time, you’ve cut yours too.

Automated reference checking systems contact references by e-mail and continue to send reminders until the references are completed and returned.

A real-life scenario
GroupM, a media services investment management company with approximately 21,000 employees, implemented ChequedReference™ to improve new hire quality, while making the talent acquisition process more efficient.
The company found that traditional reference-checking methods were causing unnecessary delays in the hiring process. Why? References, like most of us, are busy people. In some cases, it took as much as three weeks for GroupM’s hiring team to track down and interview a candidate’s references.

ChequedReference™ gave this company the gift of time. Because the online assessment is easy for references to complete, they do it quickly. They can complete it from anywhere, on their own time, and in a confidential environment. As a result of making the switch from calling references to using ChequedReference™, GroupM was able to save 1,900 man-hours. This time has now been reallocated to more strategic activities.

To date, 84 percent of references have completed the online candidate assessment in less than three days and 58 percent have completed it in less than one day. This is noteworthy considering the previous phone-based methods typically took between one and three weeks to reach and interview a candidate’s references. Now, hiring managers can make better hiring decisions –faster. And, who doesn’t like the thought of that?

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