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Switch to the Industry’s Fastest, Most Predictive Talent Assessment

An engaging, ultra-modern talent assessment that employers and candidates love – Switch today and be up and running in just 2 weeks!

  • 7-10 minute assessment, fully optimized for mobile
  • Sleek new design with images to boost candidate engagement
  • Infographic-style reports can be reviewed in less than 60 seconds
  • Over 800 ready-to-use industry best practice hiring profiles – hourly through executive
  • Flexibility to integrate with any ATS

Quick and easy for candidates to complete

In a tight talent market, a common reaction is for employers to cut steps out of the screening process—which often means sacrificing crucial data on a candidate’s job or culture fit. Now, with a highly engaging assessment that can be completed in just 7-10 minutes for hourly roles, employers can instantly identify top talent without reducing applicant flow or risking candidate drop-off.

Powerful predictive data in easy-to-read reports

Predictive behavioral science is translated into a highly visual candidate report that’s not only easy to read, but easy to act on. Here, recruiters and hiring managers will quickly see a candidate’s ranking against others applying for the same job, plus job match scores, top strengths and weaknesses, and dynamic interview and onboarding guides. It’s the perfect blend of comprehensive and candidate-rich data that leads to improved hiring decisions and improved performance across your organization.

Superior decision making for culture, leadership, and more

When you start using predictive talent analytics, you’ll quickly see valuable uses outside of talent selection. We do too! That’s why we offer a suite of solutions all dedicated to helping you make the best possible decisions about your people and your culture. With virtual leadership simulations, real-time culture analytics, and more, our post-hire solutions can support your most important talent initiatives, including high potential identification, succession planning, and culture change.

Customer Success:


Top-Performing Doctors Generate $1M in Additional Revenue

Strong Servers Drive $13.5M More in Annual Sales


Improved Hiring Saves $18M in Turnover Costs

Ready for an change?

Get up and running with the industry’s fastest, most predictive talent assessment in as little as two weeks. Connect with us to learn more.

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