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Realizing that your newest hiring decision may have been a mistake can be nerve-wrecking. It can be both damaging to a company’s reputation and its resources, as well as damaging to your own credibility. Some turnover costs can be as high as 150% of the employees’ salary, not to mention the time it can take to fill an empty position can be difficult and frustrating. It goes without saying that being able to narrow down your applicant pool quickly and efficiently, to only the most qualified candidates, is a valuable thing to be able to do. But what if you could do that while still increasing the flow of applicant traffic to your company? With the help of iCims, in conjunction with, Aspen Dental was able to do exactly that. They improved their employee selection techniques while their number of prospective candidates increased from 7,000 people per year to 28,000 per quarter, all while accurately predicting which prospective employees were the best matches for their needs.

On February 2nd you will have the opportunity to learn how you can optimize your own HR department’s efficiency. iCims and Chequed will be hosting a webinar discussing the customization of their employee screening software for Aspen Dental. iCims and Chequed together currently provide a comprehensive pre-employment screening tool that aids HR professionals in targeting ideal job candidates. The webinar will focus on how to reinvent the hiring process to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and target only the best potential hires. Sue Decker, Vice President of HR for Aspen Dental, will be providing insight into the most common hiring practices of today, and how her use of the joint service provided by iCims and Chequed helped her improve on those practices.

Greg Moran, CEO of and Ron Kasner, Chief Development Office for iCims, will also be providing insight into the science behind the software and how you can make a valuable difference in your company’s ability to reduce turnover rate, and narrow in on only the best applicants while still increasing applicant flow.

The webinar will be broadcast live on Thursday February 2nd and will also be available for download if you are unable to attend the live stream. Click here or paste the the link below to register for the event and for easy access to the live webinar.

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