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Indiana Based Telecommunications Retailer

Indiana Based Telecommunications Retailer

Company background: This company is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana and it’s the largest authorized telecommunications retailer in the U.S. They believe customers matter, employees matter, and community matters. It’s what they call the “Virtuous Circle of Success.” They challenge each of their employees to embrace the power they have to “do good” through their “Culture of Good” movement and reward employees because they’re what keeps them running. It has 700 locations in 38 states and 2,500 employees.

Business challenge: To hold true to their ideals, they needed better assessments. The retailer chose us because the company’s main point of contact said our assessment was the “favorite assessment she had taken.” The company’s team loved the question format and the job task willingness and counterproductive work behavior sections. The reports were also easy to read and interpret.

Business solution: Our tailored assessments were easily integrated with their ATS. Hourly assessments are now used for sales consultants and store managers.

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