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Over 100,000 hospitality locations use OutMatch assessments • 500,000 candidates assessed per year

How Assessments Help

Assessments deliver clear, measurable insight to help you find the very best fit for accommodations, travel, and tourism.

Hire High-Performing Hourly Employees

Build a staff that’s engaged and accommodating:

  • Hotel Guest Services, Housekeeping, Food Service
  • Airline Representatives, Flight Attendants

7 Customer Service Traits You Can’t Teach
Tips for Hiring a Strong Hotel Staff

Identify Leaders Who Will Drive Success

See who’s ready for the next level of leadership:

  • First-Line Supervisors
  • Managers and Directors

What Makes a Great Hospitality Manager?

Take Charge of Turnover

“High turnover means constantly training new people who aren’t as equipped to take care of guest needs.”
-VP of Recruiting, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Hyatt Improves Employee Retention

Improve Sales and Guest Experience

“We’re improving hospitality because of the selection process that helps us bring in the right people.”
-Director of Talent Development, American Airlines

American Airlines Creates
a Hospitality Culture

What We Offer

To make better hiring decisions, managers need insight into skills, job competencies, and work potential.

Personality Assessments

Get job fit scores based on attributes that influence work behavior.

Situational Judgment & Simulations

See how candidates make decisions in real-life customer service scenarios.

Automated Reference Checking

Get feedback on past performance and job fit without picking up the phone.

New Hire Analytics

Understand the impact of each hire by tracking early performance and turnover data.

Use an assessment that’s been validated for success in the hospitality industry, or learn about tailored options.

What Sets Us Apart


Trust in technology backed by Talent Solutions Experts—a combination that has successfully determined job fit for over 40 million candidates across industries.


From quick, off-the-shelf deployment to tailored options and expert guidance, you choose the solution best fits your business needs.


Because success varies by role, level, and industry, take advantage of targeted job fit assessments, as opposed to a “one-size-fits-all” solution.


Gain competitive edge with new hire analytics, which provide the insight you need to continually improve your hiring process.

What Success Looks Like

7 Customer Service Traits You Can’t Teach

Client Success: Creating a Hospitality Culture

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