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Hire, retain, and develop the very best salespeople

Simplify hiring for busy sales managers

Instantly identify top sales talent in your applicant pool, and provide tools for a better, faster hiring process.

Increase retention, performance, and promotability

Hire people who are most likely to succeed in the role, then fuel growth with career pathing and employee development.

Build top-performing sales teams

Drive more revenue to the business by hiring and developing people who close deals and exceed quotas.

Power hiring and development with predictive analytics

  • Talent Assessment

    Talent Assessment

    Predict candidate fit and career potential with the industry’s fastest, most predictive talent assessment

  • Video Interview

    Video Interview

    Drive speed, engagement, and personal connection with on-demand and live video interviewing

  • Automated Reference Checking

    Automated Reference Checking

    Transform reference checking into a meaningful, data-driven process that saves time and improves hiring

  • Culture Analytics

    Culture Analytics

    Manage, strengthen, and make culture your competitive advantage using real-time analytics

  • Leadership Assessment

    Leadership Assessment

    Identify emerging leaders, improve succession planning, and promote the right people faster

Improve talent across your organization

Entry-level sales

Sales professionals

Sales leadership

Transforming sales teams around the world

Customer spotlight:

Fortune 500 Car Sales

One of the nation’s largest used-car retailers decided they were going to build sales teams based on potential and transferrable skills, rather than car-sales experience. See how predictive talent analytics helped make this strategy a success.

$4.2M in additional sales
3X more profit per hire

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