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This website recently got some insight into the analytics and assessment program for finding and retaining employees through an interview with American Blue Ribbon Holdings Chief People Officer Bill Streitberger and OutMatch President and CEO Greg Moran.

Q: Turnover has long been a problem in foodservice, but how big is it really and how does that affect the bottom line? 
Moran: Staffing is the number-one challenge facing the restaurant industry today, and the impact of turnover and/or poor hiring choices on a restaurant’s bottom line is, in a word, enormous. … The National Restaurant Association estimates the average turnover in the restaurant industry is 61 percent. However, since that number includes staff positions at chain operators and line managers where the turnover is far lower, the actual number may be far higher – perhaps as high as 110 percent, according to some estimates. … A study done by the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University pegs the cost of turnover at nearly $6,000 per employee – or, for the average full-service restaurant operator, nearly $150,000 annually.

Q: Why did American Blue Ribbon Holdings’ brands seek this data-driven approach to solving its turnover problems?
(The) assessment platform enabled us to identify best-match candidates for specific job types, including manager and hourly roles, and target key hospitality traits such as guest focus, persuasiveness, turnover risk and more. …The key to the program was the ability … to deliver the data typically missing from the hiring process. With clear, measurable insight into candidates and new hires, our managers could make better hiring decisions, and our HR organization was finally able to measure the impact of hiring on the company.

Q: How specifically does your company deliver that type of information and help brands use it in the decision-making and hiring process?
 Informed by our talent solutions experts, OutMatch has determined the characteristics that enable success for an employee in the restaurant industry, developed assessments to determine if candidates possess those traits, and pioneered a data-driven solution to provide the measurement, insight, and impact that organizations need to make better hires and improve their hiring process.

Using an industry-first SaaS+ model that combines technology, services and support, OutMatch … enables restaurants to make the best decisions about job fit. With clear, measurable insight into candidates and new hires, managers make better hiring decisions, and organizations are finally able to measure the impact of hiring on the company.

Read the full article on Pizza Marketplace.

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