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International Clothing Retailer

International Clothing Retailer

Background: This clothing retailer operates more than 1,000 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They also have 150 franchise locations in 17 other countries.

Challenge: After seeing that turnover in corporate roles was highest in the first year of employment, this company rolled out an initiative to reduce turnover and boost new hire engagement. To accomplish this, they needed to evaluate the hiring process to make sure they were bringing in the best people, and update their talent profile to align with current business goals.

Solution: The company had used assessments for VPs in the past, and were ready for a solution to assess candidates across the corporate population, including directors and below. They chose OutMatch because of our high-level of customer service and our ability to quantify business results. We’ll provide assessments, automated reference checking, and new hire engagement data to help them optimize their hiring process and achieve their employee retention goals.

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