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Introducing Assess For Multi-Unit Managers: Our Newest Competency Model To Predict Success

Are your single-unit managers ready to take charge of multiple locations?

In the restaurant, retail, banking, and convenience store industries, many multi-unit managers are promoted from within. Often, successful location managers are chosen to lead multiple locations as a district managers or other such positions.

However, the fact is, a great single-unit manager does not a successful multi-unit manager make (thanks to Aristotle for the phrasing).

In other words, a multi-unit managerial position shouldn’t be treated like a larger-scale single-unit position. True, many of the skills necessary for a great multi-unit manager overlap with those needed of a single location manager. However, there are key differences that play an important part in predicting the success of each role.

Managers at the single-unit level typically need higher energy and sociability. They need to show assertiveness and friendliness at the same time, as well as focus on details and quality within the location’s environment. Single-unit managers often work long hours and closely with their employees, focusing more on teamwork and collaboration.

In contrast, multi-unit managers are more independent and must have the skills to coach from afar. They need to know not only the state of several locations in order to set appropriate goals within their district or region, but also communicate specific goals to each location manager. Multi-unit managers focus on more in-depth problem solving to improve the organization. They step out of the day-to-day operational tasks to think more strategically about the future goals of each location.

Because these differences have an impact on success in either role, we at Assess Systems have created a new competency model for our Assess Personality assessment. Assess for Multi-Unit Managers is designed specifically to improve the selection and development process of managers in charge of multiple locations.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. Select the Right Multi-Unit Manager– Assess uses an industry-specific standard, against which all candidate scores are compared. Assessment feedback assists hiring managers in understanding each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to key competencies essential to a multi-unit manager role. Even find out who has high-potential and can rapidly transition into a role managing multiple locations.
  2. Strategically Interview CandidatesAssess for Multi-Unit Managers uses the scores based on a candidate’s responses to create individualized interview suggestions. Hiring Managers are armed with personalized interview questions as well as questions developed specifically for a multi-unit manager’s role. Are their competency scores out of the desirable range? Dig deeper to find out specifics on questionable characteristics and potential liabilities.
  3. Effectively Develop Employees– Assess provides feedback which helps facilitate improvement. Individuals gain important insight on their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for growth. From a different perspective, supervisors gain knowledge about candidate’s training needs and leadership deficiencies, how their multi-unit managers are currently performing in their role, and training opportunities to better prepare hi-potential candidates for multi-unit management.
  4. Diagnose and Improve Group Weaknesses– Are there similar weaknesses across the board in a managerial role? Pinpoint development needs in certain competencies by viewing average scores from a set of individuals. Use the information from this group report to identify training needs for overall team building across your organization.
  5. Take Advantage of Immediate Results to Create Informed Decisions- Once a candidate has taken the assessment, hiring managers have the ability to see the results and make critical hiring and development decisions based on the individual’s responses and scores. The personalized feedback helps make higher quality judgments because it pertains to each candidate specifically.
  6. Cost-Effective, Web-Based SolutionAssess for Multi-Unit Managers is online and accessible 24/7; whenever is convenient for you and your candidates. This is a green alternative to paper assessments as well as a huge money saver because it eliminates the need for costly assessments centers and workshops. All candidates are exposed to the same format and experience consistent delivery which helps to create fairness and objectivity in the hiring process, despite differences in location and direct management.

Choosing a multi-unit manager from within your organization is common practice and promotes opportunity for growth. However, the idea that single-unit managers can easily transition into managing several locations may not be totally accurate or sound decision-making. By implementing Assess for Multi-Unit Managers, you make sure that those who become a manager of multiple restaurant, retail, convenience store, and banking locations possess key traits and are prepared to become a great leader.

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