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chess businessTimes are changing and your talent acquisition strategy need to evolve too. More employees are working remotely or seeking flexible schedules. Others are choosing freelance or contract work over full-time gigs. As a result, recruiters need to re-examine traditional recruiting methods to ensure they stay fresh.

Career Builder recommends that hiring managers need to work on overcoming these four talent acquisition strategies:

Volatility Challenge

Today’s talent is more demanding than ever, asking for shorter, less predictable business cycles and wanting to focus on projects versus jobs.

Solution: Exploit big data to become better predictors. Be proactive and fill talent pools instead of simply reacting to talent requests. Change your mix of talent sources.

Transparency Challenge

Social media is making it possible for candidates to have more access to employer information and background than ever before. Organizations are now an open book, and candidates can easily get a clear picture of your culture – for better or for worse.

Solution: Be proactive and help to steer the message. Find out what employees are saying about you by and running a search for your company on sites like or even on Google. Once you have insight into how your company is perceived, you can work to proactively manage your employer brand’s reputation.

Consumerism Challenge

The way candidates search for jobs looks increasingly like their consumer experience. Candidates want the job search experience to be as easy and immediate as their online buying experience.

Solution: Adopt consumer marketing best practices and then measure candidate satisfaction as it relates to consumer satisfaction.

Total Talent Challenge

How do you make sure you’re swimming in the right talent pools? Too many hiring managers are focused on procuring employees, rather than finding the right talent for the organization. As a result, they are limiting their sourcing scope.

Solution: Don’t just be a hiring manager, be a talent manager. Expand your search to include other sources of talent. And, don’t limit yourself to just active candidates. Consider passive candidates too.

So, do your talent acquisition strategies need a facelift? The time is now. And, once you get the right mix, don’t let them go. Make sure newly hired employees are getting what they want so you get what you need. ChequedImpact™ can help.

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