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Like most things in life, human resources is a work in progress. Hiring managers must continue to keep up with recruitment and retention trends or risk falling behind. So, what’s on deck for 2014? Once again, there’s a little redesign on the horizon to maintain relevance and value.

A Bersin by Deloitte report, Predictions for 2014: Building a Strong Talent Pipeline for the Global Economic Recovery, says that the way HR selects candidates is under the microscope. It’s working to reinvent and expand its focus on talent acquisition. Here’s a peek into the crystal ball:

  • As the economy improves, HR will need to more aggressively and intelligently source and recruit. The talent acquisition market is the fastest-changing part of HR: new social recruiting, talent networks, BigData, assessment science, and recruiting platforms are being launched every month.
  • Organizations will need to integrate their talent acquisition teams, develop a global strategy, and expand their use of analytics, BigData, and social networks. Employment brand is now more strategic than ever – so partner with your VP of Marketing if you haven’t already. Today your ability to recruit is directly dependent on your engagement and retention strategy – what your employees experience is what is communicated in the outside world.
  • The HR technology and content markets will expand again in 2014. ERP players are all delivering integrated solutions now and dozens of other fast-growing talent management companies are now offering end-to-end solutions. And most now offer integrated analytics solutions as well.
  • Mobile apps, MOOCs, expanded use of Twitter, and an explosion in the use of video has created a need to continuously invest in HR technology. In 2014 the theme is “simplify” – understand technology, but keep it simple. Employees are already overwhelmed and we need to make these tools and content easy to use. The word for 2014 is “adoption” – make technology easy to use and it will deliver great value.

Talent Analytics are Red Hot

This report goes on to says that more than 60% of HR departments are increasing investment in this area and daily, company after company is uncovering new secrets to workforce performance. As a result, in 2014 you should build a talent analytics center of excellence and invest in the infrastructure, data quality, and integration tools you need. And, companies that excel in talent analytics have improved their recruiting by two times, leadership pipeline by three times, and financial performance too.

It’s clear. Employment assessment tools that connect talent selection to business results lead the pack. So, focus on innovation. Just make sure you know how to leverage selection technology before you begin.

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