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The gambler. He’s got swagger. He’s got a feel for things. He can read people, and he knows when he’s got a winner. He likes taking risks because he believes in big rewards. And he quotes Kenny Rogers.

In a recent post, our friends at Fistful of Talent talk about hiring managers who go rogue and do things their own way. Here’s the problem, according to blogger RJ Morris:

“[He] doesn’t understand the difference between investing in talent that might be a bit outside of normal parameters vs. gambling on some random waiter he bonded with last night at Chevy’s Fresh Mex.”

In the gambler’s mind, someone wins and someone loses. He gets credit for discovering great talent before anyone else, and that means taking a chance on a candidate who doesn’t exactly fit the mold. It could work. Or it could fail, but the gambler believes he can make up for a bad bet with his next big win.

The trick is to get the gambler to reevaluate how he thinks about risk. With a process in place to systematically identify what makes people succeed, he can reap big rewards without gambling on talent. Instead of making a career out of “readin’ people’s faces,” he can learn to invest where the odds are more favorable.

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