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Leading Provider of Dental Care Services in the U.S.

Leading Provider Of Dental Care Services In The U.S.

Background: With over 280 practices and 2,500 employees across ten states, this network of dental care providers is one of the largest in the U.S. Their mission is to provide the highest quality dental care services, making a healthy smile affordable and convenient to patients in communities nationwide.

Problem: The company had two main concerns: (1) patient satisfaction, and (2) turnover, specifically among doctors. Without a pre-hire assessment in place, they had no way of evaluating job fit or culture fit of new doctors hired into the practice. To reduce turnover at this level, which costs about one-year’s salary per turn and greatly disrupts the continuity of patient care, they needed a solution to identify strong-fit candidates in the selection process.

Solution: Having never used an assessment process before, the VP of Human Resources and Director of Recruiting were skeptical at first, but after seeing the value and ROI that our assessments can provide, they decided to move forward. They chose OutMatch because we assess personality and situational judgement, and then “roll up” those results into a single score that represents a candidate’s overall job fit. They will begin using the assessment in their selection process for doctors, with the goal to expand company-wide in the future.


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