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Leading Provider of Short-Term Consumer Loans

Leading Provider Of Short-Term Consumer Loans

Background: With 1,300 retail locations and over 10 million customers worldwide, this company is one of the largest providers of non-standard consumer financial products in the world. Their goal is to provide convenient access to cash in a respectful, compliant, and customer focused way.

Problem: The company needed to improve retention and drive performance in key customer-facing roles where they are constantly replacing employees. They were using an assessment for these hires (about 1,000 per year), but weren’t getting useful analytics or seeing the impact on their workforce.

Solution: The company was ready for a new assessment solution, and was referred to OutMatch from their ATS provider. The Director of HR was impressed with our technology, as well as our ability to demonstrate ROI. We will provide tailored hiring profiles to target candidates with the highest potential for success in this organization.

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