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Lenovo Saves Over 500 Recruiter Hours in One Year with Video Interviewing

Lenovo Saves Over 500 Recruiter Hours In One Year With Video Interviewing

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Video interviewing is able to act as an extension of us, facilitate much of the process, and add a really strong brand message.”

Chris Helton, University Recruiting Specialist

About Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the largest personal computer vendors in the world. With more than 54,000 global employees, the company attracts thousands of interested candidates at all stages in their careers.


Lenovo recruits candidates for multiple teams and departments, with hiring goals based on business objectives. In 2014, the sales team needed to fill more positions than they had in previous years. The company quickly realized that their scheduling and interview processes weren’t efficient enough to keep up with the increased hiring demand.

Recruiters were spending the bulk of their time setting up and conducting individual phone screens, in addition to transcribing their notes for stakeholders. This approach stunted their productivity.


Lenovo began using Wepow video interviewing to support in hiring for sales roles. Seeing the immediate increase in efficiency, the recruiting team began using video interviewing for their university and internship initiatives as well.

Wepow video interviewing allowed Lenovo to expand its reach and consider more candidates without travel expenses or scheduling hassles. Video interviews have nearly replaced time spent on the phone, serving as the initial screen for thousands of the company’s candidates.


  • 70% increase in interview efficiency
  • 20% increase in response rate for interview requests 

Previously, Lenovo spent an average of 10 minutes scheduling and another 20-30 conducting each interview. Since implementing Wepow, scheduling is automated and interview time has dropped to 12 minutes. Over a year, this has saved the company over 500 hours in interview time.

Video interviewing has also helped improve brand messaging, leading to a 20% increase in response rate for interview requests, and nearly a 90% completion ratio – all while delivering an engaging candidate experience and advancing a more data-driven recruiting strategy.

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