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Luxury Retailer Boosts Sales By $2M Per Year

OutMatch Assessments Recommend Store Associates Who Drive 10% Higher Sales

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To provide a high-end shopping experience for fashion and luxury consumers in over 30 countries, this company needed to shift its hiring strategy from loss prevention to employee fit and sales ability.

Company Quick Facts

  • Industry: Retail
  • Number of locations: 270
  • Number of employees: 3,000+
  • Solution: OutMatch Assessments

Sales Performance Summary

Store Associate Sales per Hour:

  • Poor Hires: $161
  • Strong Hires: $177

Strong hires sell $16 more per hour

Problem: Not Assessing Sales Ability for a Key Sales Role

As an iconic fashion brand with retail stores around the world, this company attracts about 14,000 applicants per year for the store associate position. This role requires customer service skills as well as sales ability, but the company wasn’t screening for either of these characteristics. They were using an integrity assessment to help avoid risky behaviors such as stealing and misconduct, but this assessment didn’t tell them anything about a candidate’s fit for the job, or who was most likely to succeed in their sales environment.

Solution: Assessments Identify Strong Sales Candidates

To drive sales, the company needed to hire customer-centric employees with strong sales ability. They partnered with OutMatch for a solution that could assess integrity and also target top sales potential in their applicant pool.

Using data from current store associates, OutMatch created a tailored assessment based on characteristics that consistently lead to higher sales, and the company began using it to identify candidates as strong or poor matches for the job.

Result: $2M More Per Year

In the first ten months of using the assessment, the company hired 592 store associates, and almost immediately saw a difference in performance between strong and poor matches. Strong matches (those recommended by the assessment) were selling $16 more per hour—which amounts to over $9,400 more per year.

Using the assessment, the company found that 30% of candidates lack key characteristics that are essential for success on the sales floor. By screening out poor matches up front, the company funnels more strong matches into their applicant pool, which results in 210 more strong hires per year and $2M more in annual revenue.

By hiring strong matches for the 700 store associate positions they fill in a typical year, the company establishes a strong sales environment capable of producing $2M more in annual revenue.

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