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Predictive Talent and Culture Analytics,
Powered by Machine Learning

Leveraging AI to help companies identify, select, and develop top talent

Welcome to the world of predictive talent and culture analytics, where you can predict candidate fit, employee performance, leadership success, and more with incredible precision, even as your organization evolves and changes.

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Machine learning improves

Machine learning improves predictability and powers continuous optimization

Because machine learning is thousands of times more efficient than the human brain, it’s capable of identifying every possible pattern in a data set, and then determining the most predictive model for a desired outcome. That’s what gives our customers an edge—using the best possible predictive models to power all their talent decisions, from hiring and development to leadership and culture.

Predictive models are tailored to your specific organization and roles

To deliver the strongest predictive power, we start with a model that has proven to predict success in companies with jobs and cultures like yours. Then, our machine learning technology analyzes data from your organization and optimizes the model so you can replicate exactly what makes it great—by hiring more top performers, scaling your unique CultureDNA™, maximizing leadership strength, and more.

Predictive models are tailored
Dedicated talent analytics team

Dedicated Talent Analytics team provides oversight to ensure best results

In the high stakes world of HR where your decisions effect people’s future and livelihood, you must be sure to select machine learning technology that’s transparent about how correlations are made. Our Talent Analytics team provides an important layer of oversight so that machines don’t perpetuate problems that exist today—like high turnover, poor performance, and ineffective company culture.

Customer Success:

See how customers in healthcare, hospitality, finance, retail, and more are achieving success with predictive talent and culture analytics, powered by machine learning.

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