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National Real Estate Investment Company

Background: This company owns, develops, manages, and acquires commercial and residential real estate in major markets across the U.S., including New York City, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Denver, and San Francisco.

Problem: With over 2,000 employees at properties nationwide, the company was looking to gain a competitive edge in hiring and talent management. They were using technical, skills-based assessments for hiring, but were ready to shift their focus to behavioral fit. They needed an assessment that could incorporate their core competencies, and also support employees through development and career growth.

Solution: The company chose OutMatch for three key reasons: (1) our technology integrates seamlessly with iCIMS, the company’s applicant tracking system, (2) we offer competency mapping to align the assessment with the company’s core competencies, and (3) our assessments can be used beyond hiring to track development progress, identify promotion opportunities, and more. The company will use OutMatch assessments for leasing consultants, property managers, and maintenance staff, with plans to expand to more roles in the near future.

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